Whether you’re writing a research paper, studying for a theory exam, developing your ear, or confused about a topic in class, there are numerous resources to support you in your academic career. Get help with study skills, test taking, one-on-one tutoring and much more. There’s no added charge for these services! Here’s how to connect:

Faculty Office Hours

  • All faculty provide regular office hours every week, with days and times posted near their desks/offices.
  • Contact your instructors directly about utilizing office hours for asking questions or requesting help with coursework.

Music Theory/Ear Training/Keylab

  • One-on-one, private tutoring is available to all students for Music Theory, Ear Training and Keylab classes.
  • To sign up, email Reid Kennedy (reid.kennedy@mcnallysmith.edu) to request tutoring, with 4 or 5 times when you are generally available.
  • Reid coordinates with the tutoring team to find the best personality and scheduling fit for you.
  • Tutoring may be a one-time event, several sessions on a given topic, or regular meetings.
  • Students and tutors meet in a mutually convenient location like a practice room or computer lab.

General Education Courses

  • The Learning Center (TLC) is located in the Library in a study room on the east wall.
  • TLC is a free drop-in tutoring program for general education courses stop by to get feedback on a draft paper, check on how to cite or format your work, get help with math homework, talk about study skills, etc.
  • TLC is staffed by Liberal Arts Department faculty and advanced students.
  • TLC schedule is posted on the door. Hours are Monday through Friday, 10:00 am to 4:00 pm.
  • Contact April Mitchell (april.mitchell@mcnallysmith.edu).

Learning Center Referral Sheet

Production Tutoring

Residence Hall Tutoring

  • Tutoring in general education subjects and Music Theory/ET/Keys offered twice a week, from 8:00-10:00 pm in a residence hall study room.
  • Look for schedule posted in the residence hall.
  • Contact Brendon Hernandez (brendon.hernandez@mcnallysmith.edu).

International Student Support

  • If you are having trouble writing in English, contact Kathy Hawks (kathy.hawks@mcnallysmith.edu).
  • Individual tutoring available drop-in and by appointment.
  • In-class note-taking support available by special request.

Additional Academic Assistance

Check at the Student Affairs front desk for additional academic support options. The College will make reasonable accommodations for students with physical, emotional, or mental health disabilities, for example, someone to help with note-taking in class, arranging a ‘study buddy’, providing testing accommodations, classroom accommodations, or other assistance.

Resources for Tutors

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